Manchester Science Festival Week

Manchester Science Festival is a festival produced by Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry that sees the wonders of science explored in a huge variety of activities in venues across the city.

Look200 was installed in Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in time for the festival and Lucy offered patients and staff the opportunity to experience viewing the paintings through ‘augmented reality’ glasses running Kazuyuki Asada’s Chromatic Simulator app that allowed the paintings to be seen as if the viewer were colour-blind. The already colour-altered areas of the paintings disappeared- a fascinating way to gain a further insight into the work!


Also on offer were games that allowed the participants to experience the difficulties that might be faced by people who are colour-blind. When wearing the glasses, people were asked to pick out certain colours from a box of shapes and post them through into a box. Those asked to find the sky blues ended up with a box full of pink shapes, whereas those fishing for yellows might endwith oranges, reds and even greens!



A colour-by-numbers activity was offered for patients with a longer wait that allowed you to choose to colour a flower as it would be seen by someone with standard vision or as someone with a colour vision disorder similar to John Dalton’s.


Lots of fun for Science Festival Week!




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