Project Overview

Painting at its fundamental level is an artist’s exploration of how humans experience colour and tone.

Two areas of scientific visual research, John Dalton’s and Prof. Robert Lucas of Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, whose dates mark the birth and bicentenary of the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, tell a scientific story of how we see through the interplay of colour and tone.

‘Look200!’ is a project that seeks to promote understanding of Manchester’s contribution to visual research past and present; raise awareness of disorders of the eyes; and celebrate the bicentenary of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

The public  areas of the eye hospital will see the production and exhibition of a series of paintings. They will act as visual representations and learning tools to describe Dalton and Lucas’s research, describing those colour ranges seen by people who suffer from the various types of colour blindness, as first described by John Dalton, and what Prof. Lucas theorises is the part ipRGCs may play in our tonal vision (ipRGCs are not rods, not cones, but a recently discovered third type of photo-receptive cell!).

Parnterships with Manchester University’s Faculty of Life Sciences, Manchester Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery and Lime Arts will add depth and richness to the workshops and engagement activities that run alongside the artistic production.

‘Look200!’ has the potential to be an enlightening and fruitful project which will draw together and celebrate the wonderfully dynamic scientific, artistic, medical, and cultural lives of this exciting city.


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